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When Belief, Trust and Pixie Dust Are Not Enough

As we eagerly await the arrival of Peter Pan at this year’s Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Gala, we are pleased to announce that the 2018 Bid for Kids project will support one of the four primary areas of our mission: research.

Many people don’t think “research” when they think of Connecticut Children’s. After all, the Medical Center is where you bring sick kids to be diagnosed and treated. Our clinical staff do whatever it takes to help make these children the healthiest in the country.

And that’s exactly why Connecticut Children’s is dedicated to research.

Why Research?

Our physicians are passionate about improving the lives of children. The current state of medicine still falls short of perfect outcomes. So when our physicians finish treating their patients, they leave the bedside and return to the bench to unlock answers that will allow them to improve the lives of children across the region and around the world.

Connecticut Children’s research covers an amazing range of work, from the nuts and bolts of basic research (how does a disease work?) to translational research (studying a new treatment) to applied research (conducting drug trials and other patient testing), and your bid supports all of it.

The Cost of Research

As you might imagine, research is expensive. The salaries, equipment, specialized supplies and time that research demands have a high cost. And while the new therapies, protocols and medications developed through research can improve outcomes for our patients, research is not covered by insurance.

Research is funded by organizations and individuals, and that’s why this year’s Bid for Kids project shines a light on it. Our physician-researchers need your generous support.

The funds raised through the 2018 Bid for Kids will support all areas of research at Connecticut Children’s, and we look forward to providing you with updates about the breakthroughs your investments will yield in the coming years.

While Belief, Trust and Pixie Dust were all that Peter Pan and his fellow-storybook characters needed, the children who are seeking a healthier future at Connecticut Children’s need more. With your support of the 2018 Bid for Kids, our dedicated and highly skilled physician-researchers will continue making new discoveries that allow them and their colleagues around the world to provide the best outcomes for children today and for generations to come.

Please consider a generous investment in research at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center through Bid for Kids.

Your support—and a little pixie dust—will improve lives and make tomorrow brighter for children everywhere.

Join us for the live Bid for Kids live appeal on November 10 at

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