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Bid for Kids Video
Bid for Kids Video


When Belief, Trust and Pixie Dust Are Not Enough

Ching Lau, MD, PhD, Division Head for the Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders

We are pleased to announce that the 2018 Bid for Kids project will support one of the four primary areas of our mission: research.

Many people don’t think “research” when they think of Connecticut Children’s. After all, the Medical Center is where you bring sick kids to be diagnosed and treated. Our clinical staff do whatever it takes to help make these children the healthiest in the country.

And that’s exactly why Connecticut Children’s is dedicated to research.

Your support—and a little pixie dust—will improve lives and make tomorrow brighter for children everywhere.

Bid for Kids Donor* Honor Roll

Gyula Acsadi
Peter J. and Susan Alexopoulos
Chad S. and Denise H. Alfeld
Scott G. and Kimberlee A. Algiere
Hilary and David Allen
Angela Almeida
Anthony Angeloni
Peter R. Arakas and Karen H. Kellerman
Michael B. Archambault and Megan M. Clarke
Nathaniel T. Arden
Will and Lindsay Arvin
Dakota Atley
Alison and James Auciello
Lakshmi and Stan Babu
Richard Balaban
Sherry R. and James J. Banack
Thomas O. and Melanie A. Barnes
Thomas O. and Emily H. Barnes
Anthony Barrett
Christie Bauer
Annamarie and John H. Beaulieu
Kenneth G. and Mary Benoit
Daniel J. Berube
Craig C. and Tracey Bonanni
Amy R. Bouchard and Anthony Dotur
John W. and Suzanne Bordeaux
John and Alissa Brady
Scott H. and Meryl L. Braunstein
Virginia and Jeff Brown
R. Timothy and Karen Brown
Monica B. and Kevin Negandhi
Hilary and David Buxbaum
Brendan T. and Angela Campbell
Julie C. Carter
Cans for Kids
Michael J. and Kimberly A. Cantanucci
Robert P. Canzanella
Robert J. and Mary E. Carangelo
Kathleen Carey
Deb and Stephen Carragher
Nance B. Cashman
Christy and Robert Cestone
Jordan B. Charlupski
Stephen Chrappa
Brian Clampet
Rebecca Clapp
Michael S. and Heather L. Clifford
Arden and Vanesha Coggins
Ian and Heather M. Coghill
Connecticut Club Managers Association
Kristin and Mathew Connelly
Meaghan M. Cooper
Robert P. Coppa
Edward B. and Susan C. Cos
Charles T. and Mary B. Coursey
Robert and Gail Crusha
Chad C. and Jennifer L. Czerwinski
Eleanor B. and Steven S. Daugherty
Alison D. Davis
Renee Davis
Katherine and Charles A. D’Elia
Nancy A. DeRose
Robert J. and Claire Dombi
Patricia D. and Michael V. Donnelly
Iain Douglas
Molly M. Dworkin
Heather and Michael Dyer
Mark Dziedzic
James H. and Ronnie B. Eacott
Barbara S. and David Edelheit
Jim and Martha Fanelli
Deborah and Gregory S. Faust
Michael Feldman
Tiffany and James Finke
Michael A. and Jessica Fish
Cynthia Fitzgerald
Maureen Fitzgerald
Glenn D. and Barbara A. Focht
William and Barbara Fontaine
Jay S. Frankel and Felicia M. Wilion
Traci A. and Jeffrey L. Friedman
Ann and Chris Gadwah
James M. Gallagher
June and Stephen Gallant
Lori Garcia
Frann Garrett
Alexis M. Gaskell
John W. and Deborah Gastler
Dr. M. Katherine Gavin and Mr. Martin J. Gavin
Karen Gee
Mark N. and Colleen D. Gilroy
Jaclyn Giunta
Alex B. and Lizzy L. Golden
Steven Goldschmidt
Joel B. and Claudia M. Goodman
Dave E. and Cari A. Goodwin
Keith Grant and Shefali Thaker
Jane Grazioso
Greater Hartford Community Foundation, Inc.
Sherry Greifzu
Christopher R. and Margaret A. Grindle
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Andrew Hatzenbuhler
Robert and Susan B. Hensley
Carrie L. and Peter G. Herron
Daniel P. and Jessica J. O. Higham
Susan W. and Donald W. Hight
Karen G. Hines
Cheryl and Matthew T. Hoey
Jeffrey S. and Nancy P. Hoffman
John Hornby
Michelle and Joseph Hufnagel
Kate and Branden Hutchinson
Mark G. and Lisa Indelicato
David Jacobs
Ryan M. and Margaret H. Jakubowski
Peter J. and Kathleen A. Jannuzzi
Paul M. Kanev
Hannah and Jeremiah Kanter
Maurice A. and Kathy Kaoud
Katherine R. and Charles Kavanagh
Gilbert E. and Kristina F. Keegan
Harvey S. and Sylvia B. Kelly
Cliff Kennedy
Gregory L. and Jennifer Kernisan
Kevin and Michele Kelly
Michael F. and Cynthia A. Klein
Kurt A. and Kelly L. Knotts
Jonathan and Tammy Kocienda
Maddie Kozlik

Kenneth J. and Laurie N. Labieniec
Joyce A. Lagnese
Gregory W. and Samantha Latz
Ronald G. Lecours
Dorothy A. Levine and Alvin A. Rosenfeld
Coleman B. and Judie Levy
Jody and Ed Lewis
Douglas H. and Sally H. MacGilpin
Scott C. and Elana MacGilpin
Michael J. and Lisa Mahoney
James A. and Jolyn W. Manafort
Clare Manzi
Kevin Markiewicz
Katherine A. Mara
Thomas Mason
Adam P. and Nicole Matson
Alan I. Mattamana and Shiji A. Isaac
Matthew J. and Amy F. McCooe
Paula and Peter L. McCormack
Elizabeth McCoy
Chris and Kjeldy McGoldrick
Chad McLarney
Catherine McLean
Diane and Randy McNamara
Gail and Tom McNaughton
Dennis M. Mello
Alfred R. and Monica B. Mercier
Pamela A. Metcalf-Madler and Siegfried J. Madler
Marcy and Scott Miller
Bradley R. and Amy C. Morris
Ann Morris
Cara and Sean Moylan
Nicole Murray-Posner and Michael G. Posner
New Country Motor Cars, Inc.
Emmanuel R. and Maura N. Juan
Danielle J. and Brian M. O’Linn
Lynn and Lou Olson
Mark Olson
Bridgid and Kevin O’Rourke
Paula M. and Christopher Ostop
Thomas M. and Lisa G. Panczner
Dianna L. Pategas
Brian T. and Darcy D. Pedersen
Ronald A. and Angela M. Pelletier
Brian P. and Yelena Pelletier
Donna Perlee
Shawn Perry
Rebecca J. and Ronald J. Phillips
Joseph M. Phillips
Danielle Pierce
Karishma Pinto
John G. and Anne Martha Pitegoff
Earl F. McMahon and Dina L. Plapler
Deirdre A. and Andrew E. Poole
William C. and Alexis R. Popik
Lea and Andrea Powell
Ermira N. and Dorjan S. Puka
Kevin Purviance
Rebecca and David Putt
Justin D. Radolf and Susan Piccolo-Radolf
Gary Raffia
Kathryn Regan
Austin Reis
Clifford G. and Vanessa C. Rios
Denise and Jerel Rocktaschel
David J. and Barbara A. Rosinski
Linda H. and David M. Roth
Kate Rozen
Jonathan N. and Viviann M. Rubin
Hillary and Neil Ryan
Mark C. and Corinne Santos
Scott R. Schoem and Rachel Garron
Kelly A. and Nicholas W. Schuchardt
Daniel Schuman
Jennifer L. and James M. Schwab
Maggie Seaver
Nicholas and Lisa Seminara
AJ Sercombe
Robert J. and Francine N. Shanfield
Cindy Shi and Haoyu Wang
Mary Rose and Trey L. Sinatro
Maureen Slane
Robert and Phyllis Small
Catherine H. Smith and Peter B. Maxson
Connor Smith
Jarrett F. and Samira S. Solomon
Matt and Amy Somberg
Rebecca Sposito
Daniel G. and Shannon M. St. Onge
Tina E. St. Pierre
Joel A. and Amy Steinman
Todd D. and Jenna C. Stigliano
Chris E. and Robin Stine
Margaret J. and Richard J. Strange
Kelly R. and Beverly B. Styles
Emily J. and James M. Sullivan
Helen Swede
Lori Sych and Rich S. Sych
Leigh Sylvain
David Sylvestre
Min Tang-Schomer
Ann G. and Robert M. Taylor
Debra and Timothy Hill
Mary-jo and Gregory C. Toczydlowski
Barbara and John M. Torda
Hector Torrens
Heather O. and Kevin Tory
David Truglio
Macdara G. Tynan and Michael Bannett
United Tool & Die Company
Virginia Van Dyk
Seth Van Essendelft
Christopher VanDeHoef
Tamara E. Varney
Colin S. and Alice L. Vautour
Jeffrey R. and Pamela M. Verney
Christopher and Sara Walker-Diaz
Harry C. Weinerman and Hilary Meyers
Sonja A. and Roy K. J. Williams
R. Bradley and Linda C. Wolfe
Rebecca Riba-Wolman and Jay M. Wolman
Workplace Success Group LLC
Helen Wu
Christine M. Rader and Michael Xifaras
Jessica P. and Eric M. Zachs
Mana Zarinejad
Bella and Jonathan A. Zeisler
Lawrence S. Zemel and Elaine F. Sandler
Randy Zimmerman
Brian E. and Lisa Zippin
Daniel and Gwen J. Zittoun

*More names of our generous supporters are being added daily. If you believe your name is missing or if you would prefer an alternate listing of your name, please email Donor Relations at

It’s not too late to join us in support of Bid for Kids at

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