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Equipping Nurses for the Future

It is hard to imagine the incredible nurses at Connecticut Children’s showing greater care and compassion than they already do. But there are numerous initiatives that will enhance our nursing program, and you play a vital role.
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Milena Frazer, NICU Nurse
Nurse Milena Frazer cares for one of her tiny patients.

Nursing Fellowships

A well-trained and reliable stream of nursing professionals is critical to our continued success. Nursing Fellowships allow Connecticut Children’s to grant $2,500 awards to nurses-in-training—usually during the summer before their senior year in college—to shadow staff and engage in clinical work and a research project under the tutelage of existing nurses. Fellows become natural candidates to hire upon graduation, and their familiarity with the hospital helps them transition into a successful career at Connecticut Children’s. Likewise, experienced nurses at Connecticut Children’s may be granted $7,000 evidence-based nursing fellowships, providing backfill funding for their position, as they take time to research and collect data for their fellowship projects.

Graduate Residencies

Some new nurses may be challenged by the transition from a classroom setting to an acute clinical environment. Offering a Graduate Residency Program allows Connecticut Children’s to assist new nurses transitioning from their role as newly minted graduates to competent and confident nursing professionals.

Simulation Lab

As medical devices and procedures continually evolve, nurses require ongoing training. Our Simulation Lab allows nurses to master new equipment or practice new care techniques in a trial environment, so they are confident and prepared to introduce these techniques to patients. Portable, responsive simulation mannequins offer a risk-free way to enhance individual skills or enhance team skills, such as responding to coding situations. Expanding the equipment and training scenarios in our existing Simulation Lab will provide more hands-on training opportunities for our current nursing staff.
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Nursing Scholarships

Experienced nurses seek specialized training and education that benefit their patients and strengthen all that Connecticut Children’s has to offer. Nursing Excellence Scholarships provide nurses with tuition to pursue additional education or funding to attend conferences, where they enhance their clinical skills or cultivate their abilities as nurse leaders. At the same time, funds can help to backfill staffing, so nurses can engage in additional training and education without sacrificing patient care.

Wellness and Peer Support

In April 2019, the National Nursing Engagement Report—a survey based on more than 2,000 healthcare partners—was released by PRC, a healthcare market research and consulting company. Findings indicated that 15.6 percent of nurses report feelings of burnout. Of the nurses who report burnout, 50 percent have no plans to leave their organization, which points to the importance of supporting nurses in the workplace.

Your gift can make Wellness Programs, including dedicated nap rooms, regular chair massages and guided mindfulness workshops, available to the nurses who carry the heavy burden of patient and family care day in and day out.

Peer Support Programs provide resources, such as Second Victim training materials, to assist nurses in their support of each other after the trauma of an unanticipated, adverse patient event.
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