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Nurse Researchers and Innovators

Evidence-based practice is an approach to clinical care that incorporates the best evidence from the literature to make well-informed decisions about a patient’s care. In order to have evidence-based practice, we need evidence. With their vast knowledge and hands-on experience, our nurses are in an ideal position to conduct research—hypothesizing, theorizing and structuring studies that will allow them to collect evidence that leads to better patient care.

Jodi Simlick, RN loves being a nurse and is honors that she and her colleagues are being honored as the beneficiaries of Bid for Kids.
Over the years, Nick has been a patient on the 7th floor of the Medical Center numerous times. He is pictured here with Jodi Simlick, RN, who has worked on this inpatient floor at Connecticut Children’s for more than 18 years.

This is already happening at Connecticut Children’s. At present, there are 40 nursing research projects in various phases—from those in the planning stage to those under Institutional Review Board review to those that are active. Our nurses are conducting research in myriad Divisions, including Neonatology, Pain and Palliative Care, Hematology/Oncology, Sedation Services and Cardiology, as well as in the PICU and Nursing Administration. While the scope of nursing research is broad, the goal of nursing research is exact: to achieve better care standards and applications for patients and families.

We know a lot about improving patient care from evidence generated by nurses, and this is likely to increase in the future. But the current time and budget allocations for nursing staff are based on having nurses at the bedside, not researching and sharing their findings.

Nursing Research and Innovation Funds

The Nursing Research Fund will be the difference between simply providing great care today and gathering evidence to enable Connecticut Children’s to provide even better care in the future. Your gift can provide release time and program support for nursing research.

Likewise, the Nursing Innovation Fund encourages nurses to pursue opportunities to engage in learning outside of their regular clinical responsibilities in order to develop innovative best practices. By providing support for innovation, Connecticut Children’s creates an environment that motivates nurses to pursue innovative ideas to benefit patient care. Donor support enables nurses to be temporarily relieved from patient care to pursue these innovations and best practices and incorporate them at the bedside.

Your gift will allow Connecticut Children’s to grant nurses protected time to pursue research and innovation, while keeping staffing at an optimal level to ensure the delivery of the outstanding patient care for which Connecticut Children’s is known.

Nurse innovators create an environment of inquiry that makes a difference for patients and families.

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