Honorary and Planning Committees

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.”
– P.T. Barnum

Staff, community leaders and friends of Connecticut Children’s come together as volunteer members of the Honorary and Planning Committees for our annual Connecticut Children’s Gala. Their assistance and direction help lead the charge to continuously break records in support of the children and families we care for as we strive to improve access to healthcare for all children.


Our Astonishing & Amazing Honorary Committee


Melanie and Thomas Barnes
Cheryl Hoey, RN, BSN, MBA*, and Matt Hoey


William Agostinucci*
Andrea** and Richard Balogh
Tracey and Craig Bonanni, MD*
Kristina+ and Nicholas Bontempo, MD
Meryl and Scott Braunstein
Christine Bromberg, Esq.*** and Matthew Bromberg
Angela and Brendan Campbell, MD*
Kacey+ and Charlie D’Elia
Amy+ and John Dillon
Sheila and Paul Dworkin, MD*
Barbara Edelheit, MD*
Martha and Jim Fanelli**
Trisha Farmer, MSN, RN, CPHRM*, and Jeffrey Farmer
Debbie+ and Gregory Faust
Jennifer and Andy Filler
Christine Finck, MD, FACS*, and John Laplante
Barbara Rugo Focht, MD, and Glenn Focht, MD*
Rachel Garron and Scott Schoem, MD*
Kathy and Marty Gavin
Ashley and Chip Gengras**
Emily Germain-Lee, MD*, and Se-Jin Lee, MD, PhD
Kimberly+ and Glenn Gordon
Debra and Glen Greenberg
Debra Hendler and Jeffrey Hyams, MD*
Emma+ and David Kinahan*
Shannon and Jeffrey Klenk***
Judie+ and Coleman Levy and Family
Lois and Edward Lewis***

Sally+ and Douglas MacGilpin, MD
Jolyn and Jim Manafort
Sarah Matney, MSOL, BSN, RN*, and Scott Matney
Darlene and James Moore, MD, PhD*
Katie and Bill Nixon
Trudy Olofinboba, MD, and Kola Olofinboba, MD**
Deborah* and George Pappas
Bethany Peri, MD, PhD*, and Gil Peri, MBA, MPH*
Kristan Pierz, MD*, and Brian Molinari
Anne Martha+ and John Pitegoff, MD
Vanessa+ and Clifford Rios, MD
Jacqui Robertson and Larry Milan*
Linda and David Roth**
Karen Rubin, MD* and Fred Rubin, MD
Viviann Rubin, MD, and Jonathan Rubin**
Olga Toro-Salazar, MD*, and Juan Carlos Salazar, MD*
Debbie+ and James Shmerling, DHA, FACHE*
Amy and Matthew Somberg***
Tina St. Pierre**
Gayle+ and Steven Temkin
Susan and Jeffrey Thomson, MD*
Mary-Jo+ and Greg Toczydlowski
Heather Tory, MD, MPH, CPPS* and Kevin Dougherty
MacDara Tynan, MD* and Michael Bannett
Barbra and Seth Van Essendelft*
Joelle and Moses Vargas*
Debora and Edward Volansky
Catherine Wiley, MD*, and James, Wiley, MD*

+Gala Planning Committee
*Connecticut Children’s Physician or Staff Member
**Connecticut Children’s Board Member
***Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Foundation Board Member

Connecticut Children's

The Marvelous & Miraculous Gala Planning Committee

Lisa Barall-Matt**
Kristina Bontempo
Melissa Brady
Dawn Brenner
Julie Campbell Carter
Amy Crafa
Kacey Kennedy D’Elia
Amy Dillon*
Debbie Faust
Maureen Fitzgerald
Jacqueline Ford
Samara Ginsburg
Rob Giuffria
Kimberly Gordon
Susan Hight
Megan Hoffman

Missy Iler
Emma Kinahan
Kristopher Kory
Judie Levy
Rachel Lutzker
Sally MacGilpin
Amy Morris
Melanie Pancavage
Anne Martha Pitegoff
Vanessa Rios
Lisa Schwartz**
Debbie Shmerling
Kelly Schuchardt
Gayle Temkin***
Christina Thavenius
Mary-Jo Toczydlowski

* Planning Committee Chair
**Auction Subcommittee Co-Chairs
***Design and Décor Subcommittee Chair