Myer is one tough cookie.

Myer Murphy, 8, was diagnosed in 2015 with a rare skull-base tumor called a dermoid cyst of the cavernous sinus. He was surgically treated in January 2017 by Dr. Paul Kanev, who has only encountered seven such cysts in 30 years as a neurosurgeon.

A few months after his sixth birthday, he endured an eight-hour neurosurgery, a seven-day hospital stay and a grueling four-month-long recovery.

In 2015, headaches and vision problems gave way to a cascade of unusual symptoms that brought Myer and his parents to Connecticut Children’s.

His diagnosis was startling: A rare, benign skull-base tumor the size of a walnut was pressing on a cranial nerve.

Myer would need a complex surgery to remove the mass.

A bleeding disorder put him at risk of hemorrhage during and after the procedure—and because of the tumor’s location, there was a chance he could lose vision in his left eye.

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Today, Myer is tumor-free, stronger than ever and proud to show off his scar.

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