NICU Family Engages Employer to Help Others

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Kye in the NICU

When Kit Nan and Michelle Silva had their son Kye, he was born with serious medical issues; he was rushed to Connecticut Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UConn Health in Farmington.

“We were there for about three weeks,” Nan says, “and it was just a huge life-changing experience. If it wasn’t for them, it could have been the worst-case scenario.”

Nan and his family were deeply moved by their experience and the generosity of the doctors and nurses at the NICU.

“So, I kind of did a gut check, and all we wanted to do was give back and help other people. When it came time to think about where we would donate money, I thought of Connecticut Children’s, where we still regularly go for my son.”

A Cause Worth Pursuing

Nan, a sales manager at Alfano Nissan in Torrington engaged the dealership’s general manager and the owner, who were both eager to support Connecticut Children’s, and together they determined that for every car sold between now and the end of 2017, Alfano Nissan will donate $25 to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

The dealership is only a few months old, but they felt this cause was worth pursuing.

Kye with family
(L-R) Kit and Michelle (parents), Augusto and Maria Silva (grandparents), Melissa and Joe Silva (aunt and uncle) as they celebrate Mother’s Day 2016.

“Life goes so fast with work, especially in our line of business,” Nan says, “and you’re often working late and coming in 7 days a week sometimes just to hit that next sales level. But when something like this happens to your child, that’s when you realize work is not always the most important thing. Being on time, worrying about how your shoes and tie look, all these things we worry about on a daily basis go out the door when you go through something like this. That’s one of the big, big reasons why I think it’s great to show appreciation for all the people in the medical field.”

Children a Top Priority

The Alfano campaign runs through the end of 2017 and applies to all cars sold through Dec. 31 at the dealership. “There are certain things you can donate to and be a part of that are cool,” Nan says, “and certain things you can donate to that I feel are kind of mandatory if you’re in a position to help others. And children should take a priority.”

As for Kye, he just turned 20 months and is doing very well. Kye loves singing his “ABC’s and dancing with mommy. “We still go to Connecticut Children’s and do our updates,” Nan says. “They are all just amazing people over there.”

Thank you to Alfano Nissan of Torrington!

Alfano Nissan of Torrington