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Thankful. Life-altering news, yet one sentiment remained. Thankful.

An unexpected visit to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center led to a battery of tests. And then came the diagnosis: a congenital heart defect. Ten-month-old Siaana would require emergency open-heart surgery.

Her parents spent the week of Thanksgiving in the intensive care unit where Siaana began her journey to recovery… feeling thankful that their baby girl would have the chance to grow up.

Today, Siaana is a giggly 4-year-old with a loving heart. Years from now, she will require an additional surgery, but with research and technological advances, there is hope that the next operation will be less invasive.

A message from a grateful father:

Thanksgiving 2014 will always be the most memorable Thanksgiving for us. During that week, and for a few weeks after, we stayed in a patient family room at Connecticut Children’s, just outside of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

We were fortunate enough to have friends and family visit us throughout the holiday weekend. One couple brought Thanksgiving to us – turkey, potatoes, stuffing, the whole nine.

As we ate our meal in the PICU, I remember being thankful for so much… my wife, my daughter, family, friends, Connecticut Children’s, our health and so much more. Siaana now has a little sister, Jayleen, who receives ongoing care in Connecticut Children’s Department of Endocrinology.

Through the years, we’ve developed such an appreciation, not only for the Medical Center and each staff member we interact with, but also for life and all the blessings that come with it. Our experience at Connecticut Children’s changed my perspective on what “being thankful” really means.

Each night, when I tuck my daughters in, the first thing we say is “thank you for your blessings.”

Connecticut Children’s has given us so much to be thankful for.

Siaana and Jayleen’s Dad

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