Supercar Rally to Celebrate Concorso Kickoff

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Ferrari Testarossa
The Testarossa was one of the most popular Ferrari models, epitomizing what an Italian sports car should look like. This early ’90s model was at the Concorso event in 2014.

The names alone can set the heart racing: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bugati, Pagani. Sleek design, immense power, burbling exhaust notes, and lofty prices make them seem exotic and rare. But they won’t be rare at all on June 20, when dozens of these Ferraris and other Italian supercars will be headed to Connecticut Children’s in a Concorso Ferrari & Friends kickoff rally to salute our healthcare heroes.

In normal times, the cars would be gathering this month in West Hartford for the annual Concorso Ferrari & Friends fundraising event. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Concorso has been postponed until September. Still, the organizers wanted to do something.

Supercar Rally

“The Concorso Rally on June 20th is intended to be special, not only for patients at Connecticut Children’s but for the healthcare heroes and care-team members,” says Juri Kotowitz, the Concorso Co-Chair. “With five kids, I find that it especially hits my heart to see what the children and families go through while being cared for at Connecticut Children’s. So, the Concorso Ferrari & Friends Committee is hoping to bring joy and boost morale.”

Cameron Greenwood in a Ferrari Enzo
Cameron Greenwood can make at least two remarkable claims: He survived Ewing’s sarcoma and he rode in a supercar that can go over 200 miles an hour. (photo from 2013)

It really can boost morale, too. Just ask 22-year-old Cameron Greenwood, a cancer survivor who rode in the Concorso’s patient parade in 2013 and 2014. (Connecticut Children’s Patient Parade in which patients ride along in the supercars has been a highlight of the event for many years).

“It meant a great deal to me to be able to participate in such a fun event that helped the Children’s Hospital that saved my life,” Cameron says. “As a young kid, I was always fascinated by incredible luxury supercars, and to be able to ride in one was almost like a dream come true.”

A Live-Streaming Event

But it isn’t only patients and medical staff who can enjoy the experience of seeing so much automotive exotica in one place: Connecticut Children’s will be live-streaming the event on the Concorso Facebook and Instagram pages, with cameras inside and outside the cars.

Pagani Huayra
Perhaps the most exotic of all Italian supercars, the Pagani Huayra boasts radical outer styling, an interior that is beyond sumptuous and performance that laughs at the laws of physics, with a price tag that begins at $2.5 million. There are always a few of these ultra-rare cars at Concorso.

To experience the excitement yourself, follow the event on Facebook at Concorso Ferrari & Friends and also on Instagram @concorsoferrari at 10:00 a.m. on June 20. And stand by for more information about the full Concorso Ferrari & Friends event on Saturday, September 26, when it will officially celebrate its 20th anniversary of supporting Connecticut Children’s.

“This kind of community support is paramount,” Cameron says, “because they provide life-saving treatments to kids in the community. One day it could be your child who needs care and you would want the best possible care for your child.”

For more information about the September event, click here.