Sweepin’ the Clouds Away with Sunflowers

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For the past 12 years, Lyman Orchards, a family-owned farm in Middlefield, CT, has been sweepin’ the clouds away for children and adults alike through their Sunflower Maze. This year’s Sesame Street 50th anniversary theme is sure to appeal to the child in everyone with more than 350,000 red and yellow sunflowers immersing visitors in a 360-degree environment and benefiting the patients and families at Connecticut Children’s.

In total, Lyman Orchards and visitors to the maze have helped raised more than $107,000 for patient care at Connecticut Children’s. The Lyman Orchards Sunflower Maze has a dual benefit for families: they have fun traversing the maze and they know their children have access to outstanding pediatric healthcare when they need it. Maddie Burt can speak to both parts of that equation, since she works at Lyman Orchards and is a former patient at Connecticut Children’s.

Maddie Gets a New Neck

Maddie at Lyman Orchards

Her parents, Tammy and Tim, brought her to several specialists when she was 5 years old and all wanted to do immediate surgery to correct a spinal malformation. “Then we took her to Connecticut Children’s,” Tim says, “and Dr. Martin [Jonathan Martin, MD, Chief of Neurosurgery at Connecticut Children’s] said he wanted to wait until something changed in her condition. She wasn’t experiencing any symptoms, so he thought it would be best not to rush into surgery, as long as she avoided excessively risky activities like gymnastics and monkey bars in the meantime.” That more thoughtful approach appealed to her parents, and Maddie became Dr. Martin’s patient.

Then, in December, 2015, during her annual exam, Dr. Martin saw her condition had changed, and he recommended that surgery needed to be done soon. On St. Patrick’s Day, he built out the missing atlas structure using bone from one of Maddie’s ribs and then fused the top four vertebrae. “The care that she was given by Dr. Martin, his surgical team, and especially the nurses at Connecticut Children’s was simply amazing,” Tim says. “And now she works here, at Lyman Orchards at the Apple Barrel market.”

Come show your support for Connecticut Children’s!

Visit Lyman Orchards sunflower maze open daily August 3 – 25, 2019 from 9 am to 5 pm.

Sunflower Maze at Lyman Orchards