Twin Sons Inspire Mother to Give Back in their Honor

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Andy & Alex At A Red Sox Game
Andy & Alex representing Connecticut Children’s during a special Dunkin’ Donuts night at a 2017 Boston Red Sox Game.

Leah Bushnik, a local Pampered Chef consultant and parent of two Connecticut Children’s patient ambassadors, has experienced firsthand how Connecticut Children’s Medical Center has helped her sons over the years.

In 2014, at age 9, Andy was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after an intestinal abscess burst. Crohn’s causes inflammation of the intestinal wall and can be debilitating, but Andy comes to Connecticut Children’s Center for Digestive Diseases every eight weeks to get an infusion of Remicade, which keeps his condition in check. Andy also suffers from rolandic epilepsy, which he manages with stress relievers and homeopathic medications.

In 2015, his identical twin, Alex, was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and perhaps the early stages of Crohn’s disease, but he does not require infusion and manages his condition with diet, stress relief and medication. Now 12, the brothers do not let their conditions slow them down.

Andy loves to cook and bake, perform in musical theater and plays the saxophone. He hopes to pursue a career in medicine or robotics and electrical engineering. Alex also enjoys musical theater, and his instrument is the drums. In addition, he likes driving radio-controlled cars and snuggling with the family dog. Andy says he wants to start a business with his brother: A&A Incorporated.

Her family’s experience at Connecticut Children’s has inspired Leah to give back to further enhance the amazing programs and services that have helped her two sons. Whether you love to cook, hate to cook, or are curious to learn how to cook, the Pampered Chef has everything you need to find success in the kitchen. Team up with our Pampered Chef consultant and benefit the mission of Connecticut Children’s; 25% of your purchase will support the Medical Center.

“With every surgery, hospital stay, and infusion visit with my sons, the staff and faculty at Connecticut Children’s have always greeted us with hospitality. The emotional, physical, and financial assistance our family has received over the years has been a tremendous blessing. By giving back my personal commission through my Pampered Chef business, many more kids and their families will be able to benefit from the love and support the Medical Center has to offer. It’s my way of showing my appreciation for everything the Medical Center has done for my family.”
—Leah Bushnik, Pampered Chef Consultant

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