Walmart’s “WHY” – The phone call no parent dreams of receiving…

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Mike started his day like any other weekday in July. He helped his son, Hayden, get ready for camp, dropped him off and then headed to work at Walmart in Waterbury, where he is employed as the Operations Assistant Store Manager. Hayden was really excited because it was field trip day and the campers were due to attend a Hartford Yardgoats baseball game.

Later in the afternoon Mike received a frantic call at work from the camp director. The kids were at the baseball game sitting far out in left field, but a fly ball struck Hayden directly in the head. Hayden was taken by ambulance to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and Mike and his wife, Shannon, were asked to meet them there. Mike doesn’t remember much of his drive from Waterbury to Hartford, but he did find comfort in the fact that his son was going to Connecticut Children’s for treatment.

Walmart (and Sam’s Club) stores are national partners of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and Connecticut Children’s is a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Each year, these partners raise more than $300,000 right here in Connecticut to benefit the Medical Center. Due to this amazing partnership, Mike had first-hand knowledge of the care provided at Connecticut Children’s and was able to feel some relief knowing that Hayden would be seen by the best pediatric team in the region.

Upon arrival at the Emergency Department, Mike and his wife were ushered in to see Hayden and were provided a full update on his condition. Hayden was diagnosed with a depressed fracture to his right frontal lobe, and the bone was putting pressure on his brain, requiring surgery. Within four hours Mike and Shannon were informed what the surgery would entail, and Hayden was on his way to the operating room, where neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Kanev and his team removed the depressed piece of bone, smoothed out the edges and put it back in place using titanium plates. They also drained the excess fluid from his brain to ensure no complications, and then sent Hayden off to recovery.

It was a crazy roller-coaster ride, but after two days at Connecticut Children’s – and a lot of stitches – Hayden was discharged and his family could not have been more grateful. “From the moment we walked in the door, it was like we were family,” Mike said. “Everyone went out of their way to make sure we were informed and comforted. While it would have been great if this had never happened, we are forever grateful for the compassionate, expert care our son received. He’s not even afraid to go back to the hospital because he now has so many friends there!”

Hayden has since started first grade and was excited to have a cool scar to show off to all of his friends.
From September 21 through October 29, Hayden and Mike invite you to join in the celebration at your local Walmart or Sam’s Club location. Get your loose change ready and be part of a program that makes a huge impact locally – more than $300,000 annually. Every store has something exciting planned, so be sure to stop in, donate and get your friends to do the same!