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Baby from India with ParentsIndia has a high burden of neonatal mortality rate (NMR) with estimated 540,000-720,000 newborn deaths per annum during the first month of life. The 3 leading causes of this problem are – birth asphyxia, sepsis and low birth weight.

In October 2015, with philanthropic help from people like you and support of the CCMC– Global Health Initiative we launched the Infant Cooling Program to offer the latest effective treatment for Birth Asphyxia to babies born in villages around Hyderabad, India. Over past 12 months we have treated 27 newborn infants with moderate asphyxia with excellent results. To keep this in perspective, it took us almost 9 years to treat a similar number of babies in the Farmington, CCMC NICU in the US. We are now preparing to extend the program by focusing on the prevention of Birth Asphyxia along with early detection of sepsis and other newborn problems.

Program Administration:

This program is organized under the auspices of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center – Global Healthcare Initiative in partnership with Baylor Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Texas and NICE Institute in Hyderabad, India.

A 6 member board consisting of a Chairman and two members from CCMC/University of Connecticut School of Medicine, two board members from NICE institute and one at-large member (a neonatologist) from a US institution will continue to provide the vision for the program, oversee the running of the program and be responsible for running regular audits.

Program and Data audits of this program will be done twice a year using video-conferencing. When this program is successfully implemented, the board will consider plans to replicate the program in other centers in India.

The Academy of Pediatrics has developed and demonstrated the effectiveness of their programs – Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) and Helping Babies Survive (HBS) in addressing these problems and we plan to teach and provide the basic equipment and supplies to implement these programs in the rural and underserved areas in Telangana State in India (specifically in Mahbubnagar district).

Program’s Progress

At this time we have accomplished the following:
(Phase –I)
  1. Equipment delivery, personnel training and launch of the Infant Cooling Program in Hyderabad – October 2015
  2. Treatment of 27 infants with stage 2 (moderate) hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. Nov 2015 to Nov 2016 and continuing to do so.


Aim of the next phase for which funds are sought:
(Phase –II)
  1. Expand the reach and capacity of Infant Cooling Program at NICE – (Neonatal Intensive Care & Emergencies) Institute, a not for profit organization in Hyderabad, India.
  2. Educate Birth Attendants from 100 villages around Hyderabad, India in HBB and HBS strategies.
  3. Provide Resuscitation-Stabilization Kits to 100 villages to take care of emergency needs locally.
  4. Provide individual Baby kits to parents for their healthy or low birth weight babies’ optimal care needs.

Donations and Sponsorships:

Funds raised from your generous donation will be used for purchase of educational material and resuscitation and support kits to be used in 100 villages*. The kits will be made available for ongoing use in each covered village but the educational material will be re-used for other teaching and education programs in the future. Please consider sponsoring one or more villages for a donation of $135 per village.

Make a Gift Today

Your contribution* will help with:

  1. Educating the first village provider in resuscitating babies at birth and caring for them until more help is available.
  2. Making available the basic Resuscitation Kits at each village to do the resuscitation and initial care.
  3. Making available Baby Kits for 150 babies that would meet the essential needs of the mother and baby.
  4. Making available Small Baby Kits for 50 babies that would meet the essential needs of the mother and the low birth weight baby.
    *None of the donated funds will be used for personnel, travel or stipends.

COOL the KIDS Team photoMembers of the “Cool the Kids” Team, photographed last fall in Hyderabad, India, include (l-r) Dr. NV Raju, Dr. Padmanabh Reddy (CEO, NICE Foundation), Nurse Kathy Miller, Deborah Feigenbaum, MSW, Dr. Prachi, Clinical Nurse Specialist Terry Donovan, Nurse Leah Baumgarten, Dr. Naveed Hussain, Dr. Lenny Eisenfeld and Dr. Pragya.