Forging New Frontiers in Pediatric Research

At Connecticut Children’s, our medical and scientific professionals are forging new frontiers in research, advancing treatment options and searching for potential cures for childhood diseases and disorders. Our faculty is actively involved in basic, translational and clinical research — work that will impact pediatric care in our region and, ultimately, across the globe.

YOU Can Make the Difference

Your gift can launch the next promising line of research. Your gift can take research from promise to project. Your gift can bring discoveries and innovations from the mind of the researcher to the hands of the caregiver.

Creation of Knowledge — funding the research team, their space, equipment and supplies.
Dissemination of Knowledge — funding publications and presentations sharing our advances with others around the globe.
Translation of Knowledge — funding testing, evaluation and collaboration that moves breakthroughs from the laboratory to the child.

To learn more about what you can do, please contact Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Foundation via email or call (860) 837-5700.