Funding Priorities

Hybrid Catheterization Operating Room

The Hybrid Catheterization Operating Room (Hybrid Cath OR) will feature a large, fixed imaging system that supports high –quality interventional imaging needed for catheterizations, allowing for more complex minimally invasive and open surgeries.

That is why Connecticut Children’s Hybrid Cath OR is so important.

A Hybrid Cath OR allows physicians to perform procedures using real-time image guidance, assess effectiveness and manage perioperative complications, all in a single encounter. And when patients are treated in one setting, they only receive anesthesia once.

Because the Hybrid Cath OR contains integrated imaging technology, a patient’s care team can perform diagnostic services, imaging and surgery without ever having to relocate the patient between procedure rooms. As a result, the patient stays in a sterile zone. This not only reduces risk and infection—it improves efficiency and recovery time.

The Hybrid Cath OR will increase capacity and safety.

Our Hybrid Cath OR will be open for other surgical specialties that need to use the space—from general surgery to neurosurgery. The Hybrid Cath OR will accommodate combined cases, where surgery and intervention or surgery and fluoroscopy are required.

The facility’s increased size—from 743-square feet to more than 1,100-square feet—will accommodate larger and an increased number of machines required to deliver the wide range of procedures possible in the Hybrid Cath OR.

The existing Cardiac Catheterization Lab (Cath Lab), after 14 years of service, has outlived the typical 5- to 7-year lifespan of such a facility. Aging equipment is vulnerable to breakdowns, and when the Cath Lab goes offline, no backup exists.

The Hybrid Cath OR’s new equipment will be reliable, resulting in less downtime. And the new imaging equipment will be safer, for patients and the providers taking care of them.

The equipment in the new Hybrid Cath OR will dramatically reduce radiation usage, which improves both patient and staff exposure. Physicians will be able to integrate previous MRIs and CT scans, as well as create 3-D renderings. The care team can manipulate those images and better assess a patient’s condition in real-time. And all of this will allow Connecticut Children’s to safely accomplish even more complex cases.

Surgical procedures that cannot be performed in the Cath Lab will be possible in the Hybrid Cath OR. We will bring Interventional Radiology procedures completely back under our roof—as opposed to our current arrangement with an external provider and Hartford Hospital.

Within the Hybrid Cath OR, we have numerous naming opportunities.

To learn more about this exciting project, please contact a member of our development team by calling 860.837.5700.