Introducing the 2020 Connecticut Children’s All-Stars

RileyThe 2020 All-Stars represent the diversity of patients we care for at Connecticut Children’s. Whether they started life as a micro-preemie in the NICU or received a shocking cancer diagnosis as a teenager, All-Stars are courageous and resilient. They meet each of their health challenges head-on and persevere to achieve success.

Our All-Stars have received diagnoses that have required them and their families to battle for their health. Many of the All-Stars are still fighting that battle, with the help of their Connecticut Children’s caregivers. The 2020 All-Stars are grateful for the care they receive at Connecticut Children’s, and we are proud to share their stories.

The All-Stars work year-round to bring awareness to our programs and inspire others to support Connecticut Children’s mission of caring for the physical, social and emotional needs of children. To show your support, give to the Greatest Need Children’s Fund.

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Ariella, 8

Meet Ariella

Brandon, 18

Meet Brandon

Eli, 7

Meet Eli

Eliamys, 12

Meet Eliamys

Fatima, 16

Meet Fatima

Michael, 5

Meet Michael

Nevaeh, 7

Meet Nevaeh

Riley, 7

Meet Riley