Why Dr. Mabry is a Caring Hero

Nothing prepares you to learn that your child is facing an extraordinary medical challenge.

For our daughter Em, feeding issues and limited language were a daily struggle. We had so many questions about her future, with no real answers. But when we met speech language pathologist, Kelly Mabry, PhD, at Connecticut Children’s, everything changed for our family.

We finally had answers, we had a path and a plan; most importantly, we had a Caring Hero to be with us every step of the way.

Through surgery and recovery, procedures and therapy, Dr. Mabry was by our side. Treatment started. Trusted relationships developed. Every milestone achieved was celebrated and every setback was taken in stride. And then one day, after nine years of care, Dr. Mabry empowered Em to speak up and be her own advocate …

“If you don’t like your voice, you have the power to change it…” —Kelly Mabry, PhD, CCC-SLP

That simple statement gave our child her voice and the power to take control of her health plan and build her own future. The progress Em has made amazes us daily; her feeding issues have resolved, and she sets her own goals in speech therapy. No longer a quiet child who refuses to speak, she uses her voice with fierce determination; she is an athlete, a musician and a model student. While Em still has obstacles to overcome, we know she has a bright future ahead of her. It’s one of the many reasons we are forever grateful for Dr. Mabry, and she will forever be our Caring Hero.

Amy and Cliff
Em’s Parents

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